Roles and Expectations

Any information you submit will be treated in complete confidence. We will communicate with you clearly, honestly and with the utmost discretion. To work together as a team for the job opportunity you are interested in, we want to make sure we both understand our roles in the process, and what to expect from each other.

Our role

We work on behalf of our clients to fill critical positions. If your background is a match and you can make a contribution, we will do everything we can to get you an interview. And if there is a mutual interest between you and the company, we will do everything we can to generate an acceptable offer.

Our role is your talent agent in the whole process. We will present you to our client in a positive manner, work to get interviews set up, and take care of all the details in between. We will prepare you before interviews, discuss with you the hiring manager, the company, and what is expected for a successful candidate. We will debrief you after interviews, and honestly address any concerns the company might have. Before or after the final interview, we will help to negotiate an acceptable offer so it will be a win-win situation. We will walk you through the resignation process and cover the counteroffer. After you join the new team, we will follow up with you on your first day, after two weeks, and after 30 days. If at any time you have any issue, no matter how small, we will work together to resolve it. We want to be a partner in your success, and your talent agent for your career.

Your expectations

Our client has a thoughtful process for screening, interviewing and capturing high-quality talent. Although their goal is to move as quickly as possible, scheduling conflicts can often mess things up. So if a delay occurs, please be patient and do not take it personally.

Your role

You have a significant role in this process as well. You need to be as flexible as possible with your schedule for interviews and time to talk with us. You have our commitment to openness and honesty at every stage of this process and we need nothing less from you. If you have any questions or concerns, bring them to our attention immediately. If at any time in this process your interest level wanes, let us know. If you are considering another opportunity, let us know. In order for us to reach a successful conclusion, we need to work closely together and to trust each other completely.

Ground rules

It is very important that you work with us together as a team. To get the best results, there are three simple rules. First, please give us true information and don't tell us what you think we want to hear. Second, if anything changes on your end in interview with another company, a change in your job function or salary, or even a change of heart, let us know right away. And third, all communication with our client needs to be cleared by us. If there is something you want to say, email, Skype, or Line, check with us first, so that we can help you in the whole process more effectively.

Offer Stage

It is often our client's policy not to extend an offer before you are ready to accept it. If there are any sticking points or loose ends in terms of salary, benefits, duties, responsibilities or reporting relationships - we will iron those out before the offer is made.