Why Eagle Executive Search

1. High Quality Service

For senior level roles, our clients often prefer to work with a reputable search firm like Eagle Executive Search, who focuses on providing a tailored service to clients, relying more on relationships and recruiting ability rather than database information and resume volume. By working exclusively with Eagle Executive Search on such searches, the client relies on Eagle Executive Search Consultants to provide not just resumes, but also insightful, consultative information about the market in general.

2. High Level of Commitment

Personally committed to the success of every assignment, Eagle Executive Search Consultants will take the time to understand your industry, your specific company, and the nature of the vacancy in question. They will focus on your specific search intensively, spending numerous hours and resources on specific, targeted candidate research. They will stay engaged and responsive throughout every stage of the recruitment process, and will search until they find the ideal candidate for the position.

3. Proactiveness and High Return on Investment for the Clients

Unlike contingency companies who merely transmit resumes from their database hoping that the client company hires one of these candidates, Eagle Executive Search actively sources Passive Candidates who are not seeking current employment and are considered successful in their jobs. Eagle Executive Search proactively locates the top talents in a well-defined environment, approach them at the company where they are employed, interview them and send clients a short list of selected individuals with evaluation reports. Thus the value Eagle Executive Search delivers to you is substantially greater than contingency companies.

4. Company Image Guardian

Eagle Executive Search articulately delivers a compelling pitch to candidates about working for your company. Eagle Executive Search is able to sell your company and the role, not changing the facts, but creatively communicating what is good about the role and your company.

5. Cost Effective

The three most common causes of failed recruitment efforts are poor communications, lack of systematic process, and unsatisfactory offer negotiations. Eagle Executive Search is instrumental in ensuring that communications are of high quality and that processes are orderly. Eagle Executive Search's timely completion of assignments depends largely on our accessibility to clients and our mutual commitment to communicate as the engagement progresses. Eagle Executive Search's search model requires minimal time investment of the hiring manager, saving you time and money.

  1. Comprehensive Search Process and Actively Approach Top Talents in the Market with Customized Sourcing Strategies

Unlike many contingency companies who only advertise their clients' vacancies with poorly written or cut and pasted job specs, Eagle Executive Search is sophisticated in their approach to maintain a value proposition worthy of the fees that are charged. Eagle Executive Search Consultants map out their clients' competitors, headhunt and cold-call top talents in the market, gathering referrals, building expertise and relationships in their niche.

  1. Working on Limited assignments from Selected Clients at the Same Time

Different from contingency companies who handle many job openings at once, Eagle Executive Search is selective on its clients and works on a small number of positions, so Eagle Executive Search invests more resources on your assignments, has more pools to source candidates from, and can identify potential candidates from your competitors efficiently.

8. A Professional Search Firm in Taiwan

Eagle Executive Search is familiar with local market and has good relationships with many senior executives. Employers need the best possible talent to run their business and when the best don't even consider a change in job, the relationships Eagle Executive Search has can kindle the interest.

You need a strong recruiting partner to help you build a company with the best talent in the market, not just the best talent on the market. Eagle Executive Search can do this job for you.