Our Search Process

Eagle Executive Search uses its best efforts to find suitable candidates for the Company. We work with the Company during the recruiting and offering stages, and stay in close contact with the human resource department and the functional head(s) and any other individual(s), either nominated or responsible for recruitment in the Company for the conduction of the entire selection process so as to close the position as soon as possible.

Our goals are to save the Company's valuable time, assist in successful hiring processes, and provide the Company access to top candidates. We actively source, recruit and screen candidates based on the following process:

1. Comprehensive Brief Taken

Before commencing any assignments, we ensure that we talk to all the hiring authorities involved, in order to gather a clear definition of what the Company is looking for. We focus heavily on skill set but also the individual personality required to fit the Company's environment.

2. Targeted Approach Engaged

Once we have a clear understanding of the Company's requirements, we then enter our process of Research, Screening, and Interviews.

3. Identification of Appropriate Candidates

Through research and our contacts with knowledgeable executives within the appropriate industry, a list of prospective candidates for the position will be developed. Those who appear to offer the best solution to the client's particular needs will be interviewed and assessed not only for their qualification, experience, and personality, but also their ability to fit into the client's organization.

4. Finalists and Report Presentation

The finalists, approximately three candidates, are sent to the human resource department and the hiring authority identified within the Company's organization. The written report will include the candidates' detailed background information, work experience, personal attributes, and other credentials relative to the specifications with which we are working.

5. Briefing and Debriefs

We debrief the interviewer(s) and the candidates within 24 hours after each interview, ensuring continuous feedback and communication between all parties right through to acceptance.

6. Client-Candidate Interview and Reference Checks

Each of the leading candidates will be interviewed by the client through our coordination. Upon completion of interviews, when there is mutual interest, we verify the candidate's record, confirm his/her educational background, and conduct a reference investigation.

7. Offer Stage and Acceptance

The candidate's current salary details and future salary expectations will be presented to the Company prior to any interviews taken place, ensuring no confusion on parity of pay. We will manage the offer process, ensuring that the offer process through to the acceptance stage goes smoothly. Our Consultant will also help the Company to generate an acceptable offer and deliver the offer to the candidate for the Company.

8. Resignation Briefing and Counter-Offer Counseling

We expect our candidate to be made a counter-offer by the existing employer, so we pre-empt this from the very start of its screening process by communicating the likelihood of a counter-offer being made and the longer term associated risks involved for the candidate if he or she were to accept a counter-offer.